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Sick CS84-P3612 Color sensor

 Sick CS84-P3612 Overview:
Color Sensor CS84-P3612 PNP, 4 channels, scanning distance 60mm, M12/8 pin

Sick CS84-P3612 Description:

   One (CS8-1) or four (CS8-4) colors can be saved
   12.5 mm or 60 mm sensing distance
   Fast response time up to 85 µs
   High resolution color
   Bar graph display shows the correlation of the colors
   Extremely precise light spot and high resolution
   Metal housing with two light exits (interchangeable)

   Your benefits
   Identify and store up to four colors. No need to reprogram the sensor for changeovers, reducing downtime.
   High resolution colors can be matched exactly for better process reliability
   Maintains the extreme precision of the light spot, enabling a consistent object detection
   A bar graph display provides information about the color quality and detection reliability, ensuring simple process monitoring
   Broad spectrum of color tolerances enables more flexible use
   Fast response times at high speeds for reliable detection
   Detection reliability is not affected by varying temperatures

Price: €300 (retail price about €900) In very good condition, was used for a school project for a short period (practically new).


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